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Our Menu


Sunburst Stuffed Squash

quinoa salad - red pepper aioli

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

julienned peppers - carrots - daikon - light ginger dressing

Crispy Parmesan "Tacos"

montrechet mousse - kalamata olives - roasted tomato

Artichoke and Bleu Cheese Risotto Sphere

tomato aioli dipping sauce


Pistachio Chicken Spheres

mango coulis squeeze

Smoked Chicken Salad - Butter Lettuce Wraps

Chili Lime Chicken Sate

citrus glaze

Citrus Grilled Chicken Canapé

roasted tomato - fresh mozzarella


Lemon Grilled Shrimp Skewer

sno pea - citrus aioli

Sesame Seared Tuna Bites

miso mayo

5 Spiced Seared Scallop

carrot - candied ginger glaze

Pepperberry Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

knotts island peaches - tangy bbq sauce on bruschetta

Tequila Lime Shrimp Mojito Shooter

Crab - Andouile Sausage Cakes

chipotle aioli


Pepperberry Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

knotss island peaches - tangy bbq sauce on bruschetta

Pork - Pineapple Brochettes

orange garlic bbq sauce

Smoked Bacon Tea Sandwich

grape tomato - baby arugala


Sriracha Seared Beef

Daikon Radish Slaw

Filet of Beef

roasted artichoke - arugula crostini

Beef Carpaccio on Buttered Croustade

olive oil - capers - white truffle hummus

BBQ Smoked Brisket Mini Corn Muffins

green chili aioli


Pastrami Seared Tuna

crisp haricot verts - campari tomato - kalamata olive - caper vinaigrette

Grilled Local Asparagus

balsamic roasted cipoline onions - pistachio crusted boursin crouton

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

fresh herb Croutons – roasted peppers – avocado – sweet corn – chives – lemon crème fraiche


micro greens - smoked bacon - campari tomato - cheddar - may peas

Chilled Local Watermelon Gazpacho

kiwi – mango – strawberry – pistachio – toasted coconut


Cassis Poached Pear

lolla rosa – black mission figs – blood orange balsamic glaze

French Laundry Caesar

parmesan custard – brioche crouton – baby romaine – anchovy vinaigrette

Caprese Salad

pear tomato confit – fresh mozzarella – toasted pine nuts paste – basil pesto – extra virgin olive oil

Fruit Cocktail Shooter Plate

berry compote - lemon crisp and gran marnier simple syrup chilled fruit puree - melon - kiwi - strawberry – apricot

Heirloom Tomato

fennel – haricot vert – roquefort cheese – fresh herb vinaigrette

Salad of Haricot Vert

red wine vinegar cream – 24 hour tomato "tartare" – micro greens - chive oil

The Wedge

iceburg lettuce – bleu cheese – pickled red onions – grape tomatoes – crisp bacon – fresh parmesan mayonnaise


Asparagus and Shiitake Free Form Lasagna

roasted red pepper cream sauce

Eggplant "Manicotti"

artichoke – cipoline onion – fresh herb ricotta stuffed eggplant – roasted tomato cream

Sesame Grilled Portabella Stack

baby bok choy – julienned vegetable medley – sushi rice cake – soy butter glaze

Multi Bundles

asparagus – malibu carrots – red peppers – haricot verts – Porcini polenta – tomato reduction


Artisan "Pot Pie"

chicken breast – artichoke hearts – may peas – pearl onions – truffled mashed potatoes – herbed cream

Tequila Lime Chicken

pungo sweet corn and black bean succotash – poblano avocado cream – purple sticky rice

Chevre Stuffed Chicken Breast

smoked tomato sauce – forest mushroom bread pudding – blanched baby vegetables

Smoked Breast of Duck

blackberry balsamic glaze – asparagus – crimini mushrooms – herbed risotto


Horseradish Encrusted Atlantic Salmon

bloody mary mashed potatoes – asparagus bundles – whole grain mustard sauce

Grilled Halibut

warm portabella vinaigrette – truffle whipped potatoes – oven roasted roma tomatoes

Ginger Lime Grilled Mahi Mahi

baby bok choy – malibu carrots – grilled pineapple compote

Miso Grilled Rockfish

chinese long beans – carrot cappelini – purple sticky rice – ginger soy sauce

Pastrami Seared Tuna

nicoise tapenade – hericot verts – artichoke ravioli


Grilled Sea Scallops

surry smoked sausage – butternut squash mashed potatoes – sweet pepper pearl onions – fennel cream

Jumbo Lump Crabcake "No Bread, No Mayo"

24 hour tomato tartar – crisp asparagus – whole grain mustard cream – brioche crouton

Shellfish Paella

shrimp – scallops – lump crab – andouille sausage – dirty Rice – roasted tomato sweet pepper ragout

Shellfish Chesapeake

sea scallops – jumbo shrimp – lump crab – sage brown butter – asparagus – herbed pearl cous cous

Grilled Petite Cold Water Lobster Tail

country ham sweet corn succotash – parsley new potatoes


Braised Beef Short Ribs

crusted fingerling potatoes – baby vegetable medley

Pepper Rubbed Beef Tenderloin

blue cheese – risotto – drunken figs in port wine reduction

Asian 5 Spice Seared Filet

sushi rice cake – baby bok choy – shiitake mushrooms – red chili soy glaze

Pecan Crusted Lamb Chop

fingerling potatoes – sweet corn succotash – burgundy bbq glaze


Cardamom Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Sweet Potato Pancakes – Pecans – Pearl Onions – Bourbon Maple Glaze

"Pork Chops & Apple Sauce"

Boneless Chops – Fire Roasted Fuji Apple Compote – Bing Cherry Bread Pudding – Petite Baby Vegetables


Brioche French Toast

lemon verbena ice Cream – fresh berries – crème anglaise

Peaches and Cream

cinnamon pastry cracker – drunken local peaches – raspberry cream

Chocolate Trilogy

brownie bite – triple chocolate custard – dark chocolate dipped strawberry

Strawberry Shortcake

lemon crumb cake – fresh berries – strawberry Jack Daniels sauce – whipped cream